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Under the leadership of its previous director, Prof. Nancy Ip, BRI has made great strides in its efforts to build a leading state-of-the-art infrastructure for the advancement of biotechnology. By leveraging its critical mass of multi-disciplinary expertise, BRI's innovative research programs have begun to bear fruits in recent years. BRI-supported projects have resulted in a growing number of biomedical discoveries, and major efforts are underway to commercially develop these inventions as therapeutic agents for various diseases. In recognition of the potential of these discoveries, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has generously donated an additional HK$175 million to set up a biotechnology company in partnership with HKUST to help bring viable drug candidates from the laboratory into the clinical arena.

BRI's emphasis and strong commitment to excellence in research and development has also led to an increasing awareness of the institute's competitiveness within the international community. This has been a driving force in the successful establishment of an extensive collaboration and partnership network comprised of numerous high-profile and internationally renowned scientists, academic organizations and biopharmaceutical enterprises.

Encouraged by its initial results and growing recognition, BRI continues to strive for excellence by consolidating and focusing its competitive strengths and core competencies in order to stimulate the development of high value strategic opportunities. I firmly believe that through the concerted and integrated efforts of the public and private sectors, a viable biotechnology industry can become a reality for the HKSAR. Moreover, a thriving biotechnology sector would further contribute towards the region's committed transformation into a high value-added and knowledge-based economy.

Professor Yung Hou Wong

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