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source.gif amount date
 Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust HK$ 130 M Jan 1990
Innovation and Technology Fund:    
The Establishment of a BRI TCM Center:
Drug Development, Safety,
 Standardization and Reformulation
HK$ 13.6 M Jul 1997
Development of Innovative Genechip Technology HK$ 8.6 M Oct 1999
High -Throughput Drug Screening Center for TCM` HK$ 9.7 M Oct 1999
Development of Quality Index for Sanqi (Radix Notoginseng) from Wenshan, Yunnan HK$1.1 M Jun 2000
Standardization and Certification of Chinese Medicine HK$ 1.0 M Jul 2000
Combinatorial Libraries Based on Compounds of Traditional Chinese Medicine Origin HK$ 8.6 M Oct 2000
Establishing the SimBioDAS "Artificial Gut" Technology for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine-based Products HK$ 3.4 M July 2001
Applied Genomics for Drug Discovery HK$ 9.6 M Apr 2002
Development of Novel Subtype-specific Agonists for Melatonin Receptors HK$ 2.3 M July 2004
Industrial Sector HK$ 11 M Since inception

  Total:  HK$199 M  

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