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Professor Yung Hou Wong (Division of Life Science) steers the research strategy and oversees the operation of the Institute.
Associate Director
Professor Zhenguo Wu (Division of Life Science) assists the Director in the implementation of policies and in the management of BRI.


Management Committee 
Comprised of the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies, the Dean of Science and the Director of BRI, the Management Committee oversees the long-term directions and policies of the Institute. 

Working Group 
The Working Group is comprised of HKUST faculty members from the School of Science. It participates in the wide array of activities of the Institute and provides recommendations to the Director. Current members are:  
  Professor Randy Y.C. Poon , Division of Life Science
  Professor Karl W.K. Tsim , Division of Life Science
  Professor Mingjie Zhang , Division of Life Science

Research and Administrative Staff 
The success of BRI depends upon our high-caliber research and administrative staff, who have been recruited from renowned institutions around the world. They have received training in different disciplines, yet all share common interests and goals, and contribute their expertise to accomplish the mission of BRI. 

Previous Directors 
The excellence of BRI is built upon our continuous effort in research and development. The Institute has emerged as an important player in the biotechnology sector under the leadership of our previous directors: Professor Jeffrey T.F. Wong, Director (1990 to 1993); Professor Tian-Yow Tsong, Director (1993 to 1996); Professor James Hackett, Associate Director (1993 to 1996); Professor Nancy Y. Ip , Director (1996 to 2008); Professor Yung Hou Wong, Associate Director (1996 to 2008).

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