Conferences & Exchanges

Throughout the years, BRI has co-organized various conferences to stay informed of the latest scientific, engineering and business opportunities in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The success of the BRI-organized Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on “Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology” in 2000 was instrumental in the selection of HKUST as the permanent site for the prestigious GRC meetings in the Asia-Pacific region. Other examples include: Symposium on “Neurodegenerative Disease” (Dec 2012), Symposium on “Biomedical research across the continents – Insights and Innovation” (Mar 2013), HKUST-EPFL Joint Symposium “Data Science and Neuroscience” (Dec 2015), and the IAS Focused Program “Frontiers in Stem Cell Research” (Jan 2016). These activities create an atmosphere conducive to scientific discussions and facilitate the formation of stronger international ties.