Research Projects

BRI has built a leading state-of-the-art infrastructure for the discovery and development of neuro-related therapeutics derived from Chinese medicine, and supported implementation of various programs including:

  • Cellular mechanisms of synaptic functions and plasticity in health and neurodegenerative diseases (AoE/M-604/16)
  • Establishing an innovative genetics technology platform for biomarker discovery and development for aging-associated diseases in Hong Kong (ITS/393/15FP)
  • Optimizing the combinatorial use of the active chemical components in a TCM formula using a novel computational approach for neuroprotection and stroke treatment (ITS/388/15)
  • Re-engineering traditional Chinese herbal formulas for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (UIM/228)
  • Stem cell strategy for nervous system disorders (T13-607/12R)
  • Modernization of Chinese medicine: from clinical efficacy to drug production – two innovative formulae for comprehensive research (GHP/037/05)
  • Development of novel subtype-specific agonists for melatonin receptors (ITS/113/03)
  • Applied genomics for drug discovery (ITS/226/01)
  • Establishing the SimBioDas "Artifical Gut" technologies (UIM/036)
  • Combinatorial libraries based on compounds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) origin (ITS/119/00)
  • Standardization and certification of Chinese medicine (ITS/173/00)
  • Development of quality index for Sanqi (Radix Notoginseng) from Wenshan, Yunnan (UIM/009)
  • High-throughput drug screening center for TCM (AF/166/99)
  • Development of innovative genechip technology (AF/150/99)
  • Establishment of a BRI TCM Center (AF/178/97)